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About Us

South African jobs platform for creative professionals

Creative Careers is an online platform for creative professionals in South Africa that aims to connect job seekers and employers within theatre, film, radio, television, marketing, music,fashion, advertising, social media and other related fields within arts and entertainment. 

Creative Careers was formed to assist and connect creative professionals by building a platform that could do just that. Our online jobs system mitigates the disconnect between artist sand creative companies so that access to quality jobs is made available to all those that seek it.  

Whether you are an actor, a video editor, a casting agent, recruiter or a production house,Creative Careers is your one-stop shop to apply for work and find creative individuals that can help bring your project to life. 

Our biggest desire is to build, empower and strengthen the community of creatives in South Africa. Not only do we boast the expertise to see this happen but firmly believe in the quality of talent that this magnificent country has to offer. 

Sign up today, upload your head shots, CV and start applying for jobs. 

Finding creative work has never been this easy!
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