How to get your music play listed on South African radio!


South Africa’s music industry has seen a tremendous growth over the last 10 years with more and more local talent moving alongside international music megastars. A perfect example of this would be Black Coffee and his recent collaboration with Usher, dropping their latest track together titled Lalala.

There is no denying that the quality of sounds resonating down south is reaching the world quicker than we may have anticipated.
A bigger and more promising industry means more room for new talent, and it is no wonder why we see such large scales of independent artists pushing their way into the spotlight on a daily basis. However, more talent means more competition and unfortunately it is the fittest who survive.

The question we hear most often from rising stars is ‘How do I get my songs on radio?’

The answer to this question isn’t as clear cut as one would think, hence the confusion among artists when it comes to getting their music out there. Radio stations across the country have different criteria when it comes to selecting music that hits the airwaves. This is dependent on a number of factors, so we’ve pulled out some information from some popular homepages and hopefully this will help save you the stress of digging through websites.

Before getting in touch with any of the radio stations below, we recommend you have the following:

– Soundcloud Account
-Youtube Channel
-High Resolution Images of the artist/group.
-Press Write Up and Bios of the talent.
-SAMRO Registration
Please note that the information provided below may be subject to changes as according to various radio stations. Further information can be found on the stations websites.

Metro FM:
The music department no longer accepts physical music submissions. Send your music to
-The song fits within the station format (set in the music policy guidelines)
-The level of production is equivalent to that of international standard (should the track be local).
-The track is a radio edit e.g. song duration
-There are no explicit lyrics
-The tracks have an excessive amount of strong language
-The tracks are female friendly (as mer the music policy guidelines)
-The tracks are of a duration of not more than 4 min in order to make it radio friendly
-No instrumental tracks will be accepted due to the Stations set mandate

All the new tracks added to 5FM’s playlist are featured on Wednesdays on the Top 10 At 10, 10PM to 1AM. Email
When submitting make sure you:
– Submit your track digitally to
– Attach a 5MB MP3
– Include a download link for a WAV version
– All songs need to be radio edit- no swearing and preferably under 4 min.
– Include a short biography
– The mail must not exceed 6MB
– Register the song with SAMRO
– Artwork is essential to accompany your submission with the following requirements: 800×800 px (Jpeg)
Due to the high volume of music submissions and 5FM’s selection process, we cannot contact all the artists with feedback. If you have not heard from 5FM after six weeks, please consider your submission unsuccessful.


East Coast Radio
Submit music: We’ll need a Soundcloud or YouTube link for consideration. Email:

Good Hope FM
Submit your track digitally to: – preferably an MP3 not bigger than 5MB
Drop your track off at: Good Hope FM, SABC, 209 Beach Road, Sea Point, Cape Town
Post your track to: Good Hope FM, P.O. Box 2551, Cape Town, 8000.


Ukhozi FM
All submission material is to be forwarded via HARDCOPY to the stations library department ( Sabc-100 K.E. MASINGA ROAD, please attention your sample to: Library ). you can use one of the following options to submit.

– Drop your track off at: Ukhozi FM, SABC Durban,100 KE Masinga Road, Durban, 4001
– Or Post your track to: Ukhozi FM-Music For Airplay, P.O. Box 1588, Durban, 4000.
Once you’ve submitted, please allow a period of 7-14 days. This is to log an artist onto the library system and have a shelf number. Music is then forwarded to the music committee, where a decision will be made as to whether or not the submitted will be added to the Ukhozi FM playlist.
Due to the high volume of music submissions and Ukhozi FM’s selection process, we cannot contact all the artists with feedback. If you have not heard from Ukhozi FM after six weeks, please consider your submission unsuccessful.
– Hard copy submission (we do not take digital submissions at the moment)
– Mp3 format and radio friendly/radio edit
– Submitted material to be of proper sound(mastered)
– Submission to fall within radio sound(genre/sound etc)

Hard Copy requirements:
-CD cover is necessary
– Listing of artist / title track / song duration /must be SAMRO registered / publisher / composers and cd number

Submit your track digitally to: and – preferably an MP3 not bigger than 5MB
Upload track to or or any other file sharing service, and e-mail a link to the above e-mail addresses.
Make a 30min Mix.
Write up a track listing.
Upload track to or or any other file sharing service.

E-mail link and track listing plus a bio and contact details to the presenter of that particular show.

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