Applied Drama

Applied Drama refers to the use of drama practice in an educational, community, or therapeutic context. It is a potent tool for sparking conversations, exploring complex issues, and promoting personal and social development. At Creative Careers South Africa, our skills development program in Applied Drama covers Industrial Theatre, Theatre-in-Education, and Drama-in-Education.

  1. Industrial Theatre

Industrial Theatre is a powerful tool used within organizations to communicate and explore workplace issues, policies, and procedures in an engaging, impactful way. Our Industrial Theatre training equips participants with the skills to create compelling performances that can effectively address a variety of workplace topics. We delve into scripting, acting, and directing techniques specific to this context, along with strategies for audience engagement and the evaluation of outcomes.

  1. Theatre-in-Education

Our Theatre-in-Education program focuses on the development and delivery of theatrical performances and workshops designed to educate young audiences on a variety of topics. We train our students to create performances that are not only educational but also interactive and engaging, fostering dialogue and critical thinking among audience members. Our curriculum covers performance techniques, devising educational content, and strategies for audience participation.

  1. Drama-in-Education

Drama-in-Education involves using drama techniques as a teaching and learning tool within the educational context. It fosters creativity, communication, and empathy among learners. In our Drama-in-Education program, we equip students with a repertoire of drama techniques and strategies that can be used to facilitate learning across a range of subjects and age groups. We also delve into lesson planning, assessment methods, and ways to integrate drama into the broader curriculum.

At Creative Careers South Africa, we believe in the transformative power of Applied Drama to challenge, engage, and inspire. Our skills development program in this field aims to equip artists and educators with the skills to use drama as a tool for social, educational, and organizational change. Whether you aspire to take to the stage or the classroom, we are committed to helping you use drama to make a difference.